Expedition Cruising: A Fulfilling Way to See the World as a Curious Boomer Woman

As access to our world grows easier, travelers want to experience it all, especially the 60+ baby boomers and beyond. We want to share it with our partners, families, grandchildren, and friends.

A sense of urgency is often brought on by world events, health concerns, or just wanting to give back. Whatever your reason, I’m certain, adventure and experiential travel is the future! In fact, I’m ecstatic about the prospect.

Immersion and Curiosity: It Is the Difference Between a Traveler and a Tourist

As Posted in Sixty and Me

From affordable to luxury cruise ships, everyone is getting in on the action. We don’t have to be rich; we just have to be flexible.

If we need help, destination travel advisors are sprouting up everywhere replacing the travel agents of yesteryears. No longer do they hand us our tickets and wish us bon voyage; they help us create that journey of a lifetime.

Specially built expedition ships will take us to the ends of the earth – literally. They carry with them destination ambassadors – marine biologists, ornithologists, naturalists, professional photographers, historians, and local guides.

Shipboard lectures and photography classes are available to us on our journey to help us understand and photograph our Earth and its inhabitants in their natural environment.

Take a Deep Breath!

These days it’s not so difficult to explore the rivers of South America starting with Peru’s Amazon, the fjords of Norway, or the Arctic’s Northwest Passage.

We can visit Antarctica’s 100,000 king penguins, scuba dive in Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, horseback ride in Argentina’s Patagonia, and introduce our grandchildren to the Galapagos.

Adventure is spectacular with a cruise on Portugal’s Douro River, a small ship exploration in Costa Rica and Panama, or kayaking in the Polynesian Islands. We can even take a helicopter ride over Western Australia’s King George Falls, jet boat New Zealand’s gorgeous lakes, or sail Thailand aboard an authentic tall ship.

No longer are we relegated to standing on ship decks snapping photos. These new ships put us in kayaks, float planes, Zodiacs, and jet boats.

Land and sea adventures are commonplace, combining cruising with multi-sport adventures such as biking, golfing, or hiking. Should we be so inclined, we can even spend a night under the stars camping on Antarctica ice.

Want to scale it down? An expedition cruise can be as simple as a gulet charter in Turkey or the Greek Isles. Some boats are so tiny we are literally the navigator! From hundreds to just two passengers, we can explore on our terms.

The Earth Is Ours for Only a Short Time. Go, Explore!

And don’t give me that “I’m too old.” If you can step into a Zodiac with the aid of a couple of powerful gents giving you a hand, pack your suitcase. You’re in!

My mother is obsessed with the Arctic and explored the Bering Sea in her 90s. And I have friends who took their mother to Churchill, Manitoba, to see the polar bears. It was her 100th birthday present.

“When you turn the corner and run into yourself then you know you have turned all the corners that are left.”

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