If You Could Research How to do Your Own Root Canal on the Internet, Would You?

A DIYer believes they can get all the information they need to plan the perfect vacation just by spending a few hours searching the internet. Those same people could also research how to do their own root canals on the internet, but for some reason they don’t.

The New Way to Travel

For the foreseeable future, travel is going to be a bit complicated and you should have someone looking out for your interests – protecting your travel plans, deposits, and final payments. What’s your threshold for financial loss? Your deposit, thousands of dollars or future travel credits?

The Only Way to Travel Post-COVID

Destination Management Company (DMC)

A DMC (destination management company) is not a travel agency in the true sense. My company, FortunateFewTravel, partners with DMCs Vision Travel and its USA partner Direct Travel. Both these companies are members of USA’s Virtuoso, a by-invitation-only network of the best luxury travel agencies, with more than 17,500 advisors worldwide. Virtuoso represents the best in travel, with a portfolio of nearly 1,700 preferred partners – top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. That’s a lot of connections!

Travel Advisor

  • A Travel Advisor represents you and no one else for your travel lifetime.
  • I work with you to create your entire vacation with full concierge. I book as little or as much as you want.
  • We go over the fine print together before you buy.
  • If a problem arises on your holiday, I have your back.
  • I have boots on the ground wherever you are in the world.
  • I use only top quality and trusted operators.
  • YOU ARE A VIP! I include upgrades and special perks that you only get working with an elite partner. Plus special rates and exceptional experiences.

Travel agents work for the travel provider – Travel advisors work for you.

Vacations are absolutely doable right now but where and when you go is a decision that you and I need to discuss.

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