Who’s Paying for Your Vacation?

Consider this – how is it possible for a tour company/resort/cruise line to offer you that incredible deal at rock bottom prices? Tour companies are making record profits so who’s being squeezed out? Should you care? I think you should and here’s why you need to ask questions.

Sustainable travel is about hiring local, fair wages, using local producers, recycling, injecting funds into local economies, social responsibility and charitable endeavours. Bruce Poon, the founder of 27 year old G Adventures, stated at a Future of Tourism event, “People are really motivated by discounts and sometimes their decisions are having a negative impact.” What do his words mean to you?

In the next 10 years, it is expected that travelers will double to two billion. Poon went on to say, “The growth is not sustainable. Things have to change dramatically in order for us to be able to still preserve some of the world’s most beautiful locations for future generations.”

Your travel dollars should contribute to a country’s economic growth and fair trade. When we travel abroad, the only things we should be taking away are memories, our purchased treasures, and hopefully, goodwill.

Sustainable tourism is the wave of the future. So when you are looking around for that steal of a deal, just keep in mind – who is really paying for your vacation?

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